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Property Ownership Information [SG$5.25]
Property Title Information [SG$16.00]
Property Title Information - Estate and Land Description [SG$4.70] 
Property Title Information - Encumbrances Information [SG$11.00]
Property Title Information with Cadastral Map [SG$27.55]
Land Information - Lot Particulars [SG$5.80]
Land Information - Lot History [SG$5.80]
Caveat Index Information [SG$8.40]
Historical Information [SG$11.55]
Encroachment Boundary Plan [SG$31.50]
Image of HDB Leases [SG$5.20]
Image of HDB Instruments [SG$4.20]
Image of Private Property Instruments [SG$4.20]
Image of Index to Land Books [SG$1.00/Page]
Image of Index to Caveat Books [SG$1.00/Page]
Image of Private Property Deeds [SG$4.20]
HDB Estates With Computerised Records
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State Property Information Online (SPIO)
Distance Calculator for Survey Plans
Lot Number Format (Old / New)
Cadastral Map [SG$11.55]
Certified Plan (CP/RS) [SG$11.55]
Strata Certified Plan [SG$11.55]
Registrar of Title Plan [SG$11.55]
Horizontal Control Point [SG$11.55]
Vertical Control Point [SG$11.55]
Road Line Plan [SG$53.50]
Railway Protection Plan [SG$53.50]
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